52 hospitals within Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) have pledged to provide free treatment to impoverished, helpless, and backward individuals.

With a collective capacity of 3,744 beds, these hospitals have designated 375 beds, or 10 percent of their capacity, for free treatment.

Kathmandu Medical College Sinamangal and Manmohan Memorial Medical College Swayambhu has the highest bed capacity, each offering 300 beds for free treatment.

Under the ‘Procedures for Free Treatment, 2080 BS’, individuals from the target group can access services through various channels. Those with poverty ID cards can directly seek treatment at hospitals, while others can obtain services through their residing ward office or the Metropolitan City’s free health service facilitation unit.

The initiative aligns with legal provisions mandating the allocation of 10 percent of total beds for free treatment, as stipulated by the Local Government Operation Act and Health Institution Operation Standard.

An online monitoring system has been implemented, allowing hospitals to update details such as bed availability, occupancy rates, and patient lists to facilitate this initiative.