Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) informs that 484 people have died in disaster-related incidents from across the country during 2079 B.S. (2022/23 A.D.) with property damage of over Rs. 2.85 billion.

The data report states that among the 4,555 incidents, the majority of incidents were related to fire hazards with staggering 3,023 cases of fire incidents.

The fire incidents such as arson, electric short circuit and cylinder explosion have resulted in the highest number of human losses, killing 109 people.

Consequently, landslides and floods are other major incidents, killing 96 people in the previous year with the highest number of families (1,987 families) affected due to it.

Similarly, avalanches, wild animal attacks and thunderstorms are among other incidents which have resulted in property damage and loss of human lives.

While the monsoon season reports the most landslide-related incidents, the current season is considered the worst for fire incidents in the country as wildfire adds to the woes of other fire mishaps.