Ashish Luitel, who is a Nepalese residing in Australia and runs a company called Wise Cleaning in Ashfield, has been arrested for the rape of an 18-year-old girl.

The girl had just begun a test day before she was allowed to work at Wise Cleaning, where Luitel and another worker, Nikesh Baral, encouraged her to have alcohol in the office. Baral has not been accused of wrongdoing.

According to police sources, over the next few days, Luitel had texted the girl asking whether she “partied?”. After she got the job, she arrived at the cleaning business for training, and just before 1.30pm Baral and a receptionist called her into Luitel’s office “for a party”.

She had at least 3½ shots of tequila and after threw up in the office bathroom, and Baral put her in a storeroom. Luitel allegedly picked the victim up and walked her to his office, where she vomited again.

Police claim Luitel continuously asked the young woman whether she had a boyfriend, and “do you like me?” as he started assaulting her on the floor.

At about 6pm the teenager left the office for the railway station and called her sister. Baral also called and found her slumped on a railway platform seat in a highly intoxicated state.

“He f—ed me. I was on my period. Believe me,” the teenager allegedly told Baral. After the men left, her older sister arrived and they got on a train home, where they called police.

Burwood police raided Wise Cleaning the following day, where forensic officers allegedly found blood, semen and saliva on the office floor.

Luitel was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual intercourse without consent and was granted bail after a combined $100,000 surety.

The case highlights the vulnerability of employees, particularly young women who are new to a workplace. Nikesh Baral, although did not take part in the alleged misconduct, still failed to intervene or report the incident.