Twelve Nepali children were rescued from different places in India and brought to Nepal on Monday.

Nabin Joshi, director of KIN India, an organisation that works in the sector of child trafficking rescue, informed that the children, all boys, were trafficked and forced to work in factories in Delhi and Rajasthan.

While 8 children are handed to their respective guardians yesterday, 4 of them are placed in a shelter at a local organisation.

“One of the rescued children was brought to India 8 years back and was forced to work in a factory. The youngest of them was of 5-years-old,” said Joshi.

“The children were physically abused and beaten with metal rods while being forced to work from early hours to late at night without a break. After completing legal procedures, they were sent back to Nepal with help of the National Child Rights Council, Nepal,” informed Joshi.

The children belonged to poor family backgrounds; hence, some children were trafficked into India with promises of better living standards while others were sold by their own family members.