Ten Nepali girls have been rescued from Kishangard, New Delhi, India who were held captive by human traffickers and were forced into prostitution.

The joint efforts of the Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau of Nepal Police, Delhi police and social organisations KIN India and Shakti Samuha Nepal, rescued the Nepali girls. Many of the survivors were minors – with the youngest being 15 years old.

Many of the girls were lured to Delhi by their neighbours, close friends or relatives on the pretext of providing them decent jobs in café, parlors and households with promises of good salaries.

However, after reaching India, they were taken into a flat which was operated by a Nepali woman and the girls were forced into prostitution. The survivors were forced to sleep with several men every day and the agents did not give them any money.

The rescued girls were transferred to the Nepali Embassy in Delhi and brought to Nepal on 21 March 2023.

Meanwhile, the Nepal Police is yet to arrest the perpetrators who lured the girls into Delhi from Nepal and forced them into prostitution.