The silence period of the by-election for the House of Representatives to be held on April 23 came into effect from midnight on Thursday.

The by-election is taking place in Tanahu-1, Bara-1 and Chitwan-2 on April 23.

Issuing a press release, the Election Commission has informed that the silence period has been enforced in line with the Election Code of Conduct and monitoring bodies are on the watch for any violations.

The Election Code of Conduct, 2079, for the by-election, states the silence period starts 48 hours before the voting day in order to hold the election in a fair and fear-free manner.

During the time, political candidates and parties are not allowed to undertake any further promotional activity – online and offline.

Similarly, the candidates and parties are not allowed to organise any seminars, public gatherings, or undertake any door-to-door programs until the voting day.