The National Examination Board (NEB) has directed all schools to send the results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) to the Examination Control Office by July 14. After the cancellation of SEE due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), schools were instructed to prepare the results based on internal evaluation.

According to a notice published by NEB, the Education Development and Coordination Units needs to certify the results obtained from the schools and send the results to the Evaluation Committee. The board has said that a soft-copy of the certified score sheet should be sent to the Examination Control Office by July 14.

Schools, on the other hand, should send internal evaluation to Education Development and Coordination Unit by July 4. Schools need to prepare the results on the basis of the ‘Secondary Education Examination Class 10 Student Assessment Results Publication and Certification Procedure 2077′.

After the cabinet meeting held on June 10 decided not to conduct SEE for this year, the evaluation committee formed by respective schools has been granted the authority to evaluate students’ grade.

The National Examination Board will issue certificates to the students on the basis of the results prepared by the evaluation committee.

More than 4,82,000 students across the country were relieved of SEE examination which was scheduled for March 19 in a bid to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The SEE examination, formerly known as SLC examination, started in Nepal in 1990 B.S. and this is the first time in the history that the decision has been taken to cancel the examination.