The central committee of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has dismissed Dhaka Kumar Shrestha and removed him from the position of a lawmaker.

The meeting held on Wednesday evening took a decision to this effect and decided to recommend Bindabasini Kansakar to replace Shrestha as a lawmaker.

RSP Chair Rabi Lamichhane informed that Shrestha was dismissed from the party as per the recommendation of the committee of the party’s discipline and conduct.

Organising a press conference on Wednesday, Lamichhane said, “Shrestha has mentioned the involvement of ‘core team’ behind his actions but we do not have any basis to investigate whom he is referring to.”

Meanwhile, Shrestha has defended himself stating that the accusations against him are a conspiracy to create a bad reputation for his party ahead of the by-polls.

The party had suspended lawmaker Shrestha on Sunday for his alleged involvement in bribery after an audio conversation revealed Shrestha demanding Rs 2 crores from businessman Durga Prasai to help Shrestha become Health Minister.