Ram Chandra Paudel of the Nepali Congress has become the third President of Nepal after winning against Subash Chandra Nembang. Among 52,628 votes by weightage, Paudel was able to secure 33,802 votes while Subas Nembang of CPN-UML received 15,518 votes.

Ram Chandra Paudel and Subash Chandra Nembang from the CPN-UML competed against each other for the position of the President of Nepal.

Paudel, a former House Speaker, was supported by the recently formed nine-party alliance for the election.

Nepal entered the presidential system following the establishment of the republic through the 2006/07 Movement. According to the Constitution of Nepal, the President is entrusted with the responsibility to protect and abide by the constitution and promote national unity.

The vote weightage of a member of the federal parliament of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the National Assembly is 79 while the vote weightage of the Provincial Assembly members is 48.

A total of 882 lawmakers, 332 Federal members and 550 Provincial Assembly members, were eligible to vote for the election of the President of Nepal, representing the votes of the citizens of the nation.

Among the eligible federal and provincial lawmakers, as many as 831 lawmakers casted their votes in the presidential election.

The voting, on Thursday, was conducted with separate polling stations for federal parliamentarians and provincial assembly members established in the Lhotse chamber of the parliament building, located at New Baneswor.

The presidential election took place today to select a new president through the polls, which happens once every five years.