The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security is preparing to include the private sector (Manpower Company) in the process of providing employment for Nepalis in Japan. The government was said to be involved itself in the process after the complaints that private sector are taking higher amount of money in illegal way.

Even though, the government signed Japan-Nepal Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) for labor supply on March 25 last year, the Nepalis preparing for the test are still not informed about the sectors and the job types.

Japan has not adopted transparency regarding the date of examination, location, results, detail of companies, departure date, service facilities, etc. Labor Minister Rameshwara Rai Yadav has proposed to visit Japan after Fagu Purnima to discuss about the new modality of sending workers to Japan to stop private sectors in labor supply.

Foreign Employment Expert, Ganesh Gurung, said that giving opportunity to the private sectors is not wrong looking from the financial aspect but the greed of private sectors can affect the practice so labor supply should be done via government level.

“The private sectors are unable to cheat workers after the government started sending workers to Korea,” he says adding, “Nepali workers in the Gulf countries like Malaysia, sent by the private sector, are still being physically, financially and mentally exploited. That kind of things should not happen to workers going to Japan.”