The Prime Minister’s Office has denied the allegations made by Independent MP Amresh Kumar Singh, who accused the Prime Minister and his daughter of colluding with the telecommunications giant Ncell.

Dismissing Singh’s claims as baseless, the Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement emphasizing that there is no evidence supporting such allegations.

Singh, an Independent MP, stirred controversy a few days ago when he asserted that the Prime Minister and his family were directly involved in the Ncell case. Despite making serious accusations, Singh failed to present any concrete evidence during a public event and has said he will present it when the time is right. He specifically mentioned the Prime Minister’s daughter and personal secretary, Ganga Dahal, alleging that they received money from certain businessmen involved in the case.

Responding to these allegations, the Prime Minister’s Office clarified that neither the Prime Minister nor anyone from the Secretariat had engaged in any meetings or conversations, formal or informal, with Ncell or any other individuals related to the case.