Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal departed for New Delhi on Wednesday afternoon for a four-day official visit.

During the visit, PM Dahal will have meetings and interactions with the Indian delegation in an effort to make bilateral agreements related to electricity purchase, cross-border energy trade, construction of petroleum pipelines, railway projects, and other issues regarding connectivity and infrastructure.

Similarly, an agreement regarding digital payments between Nepal and India, air-entry routes and transits will also be discussed during the visit.

Dahal and his team of around 100 members departed for India via a regular flight of Nepal Airlines today afternoon. The team includes ministers, government secretaries, security officials, media persons and members of the business community.

According to the Foreign Ministry, PM Dahal will hold delegation-level talks with his Indian counterpart PM Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House on June 1.

Meanwhile, PM Dahal has another issue to tackle during his visit. A mural depicting ancient India in the newly inaugurated Indian parliament building shows some of the Nepali territories including Kapilvastu and Lumbini as a part of India.

The opposition parties have urged PM Dahal to raise the issue with Indian officials and ask them to remove the mural.