The Patan High Court has issued orders for the release of several individuals involved in the counterfeit Bhutanese refugee case. The court upheld the Kathmandu District Court’s decision to send former Deputy Prime Minister Top Bahadur Rayamajhi and 9 others to prison.

However, the High Court’s stance on former Home Minister Balkrishna Khand appears to be conflicting, with the judge expressing divergent opinions.

Former Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand’s private secretary, Narendra Keshi, was granted bail of 1 million rupees by Justices Prakash Kharel and Janak Pandey of the appellate court.

Similarly, former Deputy Prime Minister Top Bahadur Rayamajhi’s son, Sandeep Rayamajhi, has been released on a cash bail of 3 million rupees. The court emphasized that Rayamazhi should not be held in custody during the preliminary investigation, citing the lack of confirmation regarding his alleged offense.

Moreover, the legal proceedings also directed the release of refugee leader Tek Nath Rijal, who had been under investigation. Rijal was granted bail with a sum of 1.5 million rupees, with his legal team arguing ‘non-cooperation’ as the basis for charges related to human trafficking.