On 5th July, the opposition parties disrupted the parliament meeting, leading to its adjournment for a period of thirty minutes.

Speaker Devraj Ghimire made an announcement to temporarily halt the meeting after MPs from the main opposition parties, namely UML, Rashtriya Swatantra Party, and Rashtriya Prajatantra Party protested against Prime Minister Prachanda’s statements from 3rd July.

On Monday, 3rd July, at the launch event of the book ‘Roads to the Valley: The Legacy of Pritam Singh in Nepal’ written by Kiran Deep Sandhu, the daughter of legendary transport entrepreneur Sardar Pritam Singh, PM Dahal said that Pritam Singh had visited Delhi multiple times with the intention of making him the Prime Minister.

UML MP Raghuji Pant raised objections to Prime Minister Prachanda’s statement, stating that it was ethically inappropriate for him to aspire to the prime ministerial position and called for his resignation.

Furthermore, he declared that the functioning of the Parliament would not be permitted until the Prime Minister steps down.

Rabindra Mishra, senior vice president of Rastriya Prajatantra Party, called the PM’s remark a treason.

PM Dahal provided clarification regarding his statement made during the book launch event and emphasized that Singh was interested not just in transport and social service but also in politics, and had engaged in lobbying efforts with parties both in Delhi and Nepal to support Dahal’s candidacy for the prime ministerial position.

Dahal claims that the bubble of stir will burst soon. However, the opposition has declared that the functioning of the Parliament will not be permitted until the Prime Minister steps down.