With the aim to prevent Coronavirus outbreak in the nation, the government will shutdown all services except those listed as essential, across the country from today.

The Prime Minister on Friday had made an address to the nation while listing steps to fortify actions against prevention of the COVID-19. The address also mentioned halting of non-essential services offered by both private and public sectors.

All international flights also have been suspended from Saturday while long haul transportation services will stop operations from today.

19 essential services, as per Nepal Gazette:

1. Postal, telegram or telephone services,
2. Transportation services (road, water and air),
3. Airport, aeroplane repair and maintenance services,
4. Airport runway, railway stations or government warehouse related services,
5. Print and government press related services,
6. Defence affairs related to the function of arms, ammunition or production of military goods and services,
7. Communication services,
8. Services pertaining to internal security,
9. Water supply and distribution,
10. Tourism sector (motels, hotels, restaurants, resorts),
11. Supply of petroleum products, including liquefied petroleum gas,
12. Health services in hospitals and health centres, ambulances,
13. Production and sale/distribution of medicines,
14. Waste management (collection, transportation, disposal and recycling),
15. Banking services,
16. Insurance services,
17. Electricity supply,
18. Transportation, storage and distribution of consumer goods, including rice, lentils, edible oil and salt, and,
19. Weather forecast, flood forecast, and forecast services