Nine Nepali nationals have been injured, of which two are serious in today’s attack against Israel”, Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed via a Press Release.

“We have been informed that a farm, where 14 Nepalis were working, was also under attack. Nine of the Nepalis have been reportedly injured while two of them are in serious condition”, the Press announcement reads.

According to government reports, an estimated 4,500 Nepalis are currently residing in Israel. The Embassy of Nepal in Tel Aviv has requested Nepalis to practice caution, and to follow safety measures as advised by authorities.

The government of Nepal also condemned the attack on Israel.

At least 200 people are reported killed and 1,100 wounded in Israel after the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched its biggest attack on Israel in years. Gunmen entered Israeli communities and killed civilians and Israeli soldiers. Many have been taken hostage – of which some were brought back to Gaza.

Israel has retaliated with massive air strikes – killing 232 people, and injuring 1,600 in the Gaza strip.