The Nepalese government has unveiled comprehensive guidelines to regulate and monitor the responsible use of social media platforms. This decision comes from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to curb the potential misuse of different platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter for inciting conflict and propagating hatred.

Under the newly endorsed guidelines, social media platforms operating within Nepal are now obligated to register with the government within a three-month timeframe.

The guidelines state, “Any individual or organization operating a social media platform, registered with the government, will be obligated to renew their license every three years. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology retains the authority to close social media platforms that are not listed at any time.”

The directives ban the use of words, audio, video, or images that spread hate speech and disrespect or defame others, as well as distorting a picture, taking photos of private affairs and publishing them without permission.

Additionally, posting vulgar words, pictures, videos, audios, animations, contents promoting paedophilia, sexual exploitation, prostitution, use and trade of narcotic substances, gambling, spreading fake news, distorted information, cyber bullying and terrorism-related contents are prohibited.

Social media platforms failing to register may be closed as per the guidelines. A ‘Social Network Management Unit’ in the Ministry of Communication will handle listing and authorization to streamline the process.