Nepal government will be sending a wide-bodied aircraft to the Chinese city of Guanzhou on Saturday to bring in essential medical supplies. The decision comes at a time when Nepal is reeling under severe shortage of PPEs, testing kits, and other medical supplies to contain the spread of the virus.

Earlier today, during a Press Release via Facebook, the government had said shortage of medical supplies would be solved by Sunday, maximum Monday. Nepalese government had made a request for equipment from China and India recently. The government will bring essentials including PPEs, test kits and ventilators.

China has also promised other forms of support to Nepal, which includes medical team and specialists to contain the spread of the virus – should Nepal reel under one. According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), China is ready to provide Nepal with all-out support, saying Nepal is under the high-risk of coronavirus transmission and it has impacted Nepal’s economy and lifestyle.