Officials from Nepal and India convened in Mahendranagar for a coordination meeting aimed at enhancing security protocols, particularly for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in India.

Gopal Kumar Adhikari, the Chief District Officer (CDO) of Kanchanpur, highlighted the key outcomes of the meeting, emphasizing the commitment to addressing mutual concerns regarding criminal activities along the border region.

Navneet Pandey, the head of Champawat district in India, echoed similar concerns, underlining the significance of cooperation in tackling shared challenges.

Discussions delved into matters pertinent to the impending Indian elections and local-level issues.

Pandey also shed light on initiatives aimed at combating drug trafficking, revealing a joint endeavor to achieve a drug-free Uttarakhand by 2025, and emphasized Nepal’s commitment to this cause.

Representatives from Nepal included Chief District Officer Gopal Kumar Adhikari, Assistant CDO Dharmaraj Joshi, Superintendent of Police Chakraraj Joshi, and Superintendent of the Armed Police Force Khagendra Bahadur Chand.

(with inputs via RSS)