The Nepal Association of Tours and Travel Agents (NATTA) has promised to help the Nepal government in identifying remaining passengers who arrived into Nepal via the same flight(s) with those diagnosed with coronavirus. The have also said they will send them to concerned hospitals.

Nepal has diagnosed five cases of coronavirus as of yet – of the five, one has recovered, while four are undergoing treatment. All five cases are known to have flown into Nepal – two cases on March 17 via Qatar, and two from UAE (one had transited in Delhi, other had flown direct).

NATTA has written to its member companies to send details of passengers if the ticket was purchased through their respective travel companies. The details of such passengers will be made available to the concerned government authority.

NATTA’s help comes at a time when the government is unable to track all passengers who flew via the three aircraft. NATTA is helping government to find them as the risk of infection is high among the passengers traveling with the infected person.