In line with the Election Code of Conduct, a silence period has come into effect from midnight Tuesday. During the time, political candidates and parties are not allowed undertake any further promotional activity – online and offline.

Issuing a Press Release and speaking upon the importance of the enforcement of the silence period, the Election Commission has asked candidates and political parties to refrain from posting any promotional content on their social media handles during the silent period, and has asked monitoring bodies to be on the watch for violations. The EC has also asked candidates and parties to not organise any seminars, public gatherings, or undertake any door to door programs.

Similarly, the Election Commission has also asked respected authorities to ensure safety of voters so as they are able to exercise their right without fear and coercion.

All international borders have been sealed from midnight, and will open post local level elections, unless for emergencies.  There is also a ban on the sale and consumption of liquor until polling is complete.