The Kathmandu Metropolitan City office has issued a notice detailing the dates to administer second dose of the China-made anti-COVID vaccine ‘Vero Cell’.

The inoculation drive for send dose is scheduled to begin on May 16 and end on May 25.

People between 18-59 years of age, who had received their first dose of Vero Cell, will be eligible to receive the second dose in accordance to the date they received their first jab.

The notice states that eligible people can visit the vaccination center located near them as per convenience.

Meanwhile, a couple of hospitals listed as vaccination centers said that they had not yet received any notice from the government regarding the inoculation drive and neither any vaccines for the second dose.

The government had begun inoculating citizens with Vero Cell vaccines from April 7 in the Kathmandu Valley.

Though frontline health workers, traders working across the Sino-Nepal Border and Nepali students studying in China among others were prioritized for the jab, the government later broadened the eligibility criteria to all those willing within the age group of 18-59.

The Government later temporarily suspended the Vero Cell inoculation drive citing large crowds gathered at vaccination centers and the prohibitory order enforced in Kathmandu valley on April 29.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Population has asked adults over 18 years that haven’t received anti-COVID vaccines yet but are willing to receive their first dose to fill in an online form in order to register.

Link to get registered for vaccine —


Bir Hospital, Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital, Civil Servants Hospital, Shukraraj Tropical and Communicable Diseases Hospital, Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital, Kathmandu Medical College, Nepal Police Hospital, Shree Birendra Hospital, Himal Hospital, Om Hospital and Research Center, Chhetrapati Free Clinic, BP Eye Hospital and Stupa Hospital have been designated as vaccination centers within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Similarly, Mulpani Municipal Hospital and Alapot Health Post have been designated as vaccination centers in Kageshwori Manohara Municipality.

Nepal Medical College, Gokarna Primary Hospital and Shankarapur Hospital have been designated as vaccination centers in Gokarneshwor Municipality.

Sushma Koirala Hospital, Indrayani Primary Health Hospital and Lapsiphedi Health Post have been identified as vaccination centers in Shankarapur Municipality.

Martyr Ganga Lal National Heart Center and Karuna Hospital, Chunikhel have been designated as vaccination centers in Budhanikantha Municipality.

Similarly, Grandi Hospital and Tokha Chandeshwari Hospital have been designated as vaccination centers in Tokha Municipality.

Ramkot Primary Health Center and Sitapaila Health Post in Nagarjuna Municipality, as well as Dharmasthali Health Post and Manmaiju Health Post in Tarkeshwar Municipality have been designated as vaccination centers.

Chandragiri Primary Hospital, Armed Police Hospital and Satungal Health Post have been designated as vaccination centers in Chandragiri Municipality.

Ayurveda Research and Training Center, Bishnu Devi Hospital and Panga Health Post have been designated as vaccination centers in Kirtipur.

Similarly, Shesh Narayan Health Post and Chalnakhel Primary Health Center have been designated as vaccination centers in Dakshinkali.