The District Administration Office Kathmandu has asked all licensed weapon holders of both small and large arms to submit their weapons to the nearest police unit for safekeeping before October 22.

Ahead of the elections for the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly scheduled for November 20, the DAO released a public notice that reads, “We request all the license holders to compulsorily submit to the nearest police office the arms obtained by them under the existing laws no later than October 22.”

The action is aimed to decrease the threat to the voters and ensure their security in the upcoming elections. The DAO has also stated that the respective weapons will be returned accordingly after the elections.

The government has issued around 34000 weapons to various individuals and organizations across the nation to ensure their own safety. However, the police have been authorized to reach out to concerned personnel to take control of their firearms and also take legal action if needed.

“Anyone who does not abide by this order will be liable to legal action as it could affect the holding of elections in a free and fair manner. The failure to surrender registered firearms shall be considered disobedience to the state and will be dealt with accordingly,” the notice reads.

The DAO has also prohibited any person other than security personnel from carrying and using explosives, toxic substances, arms, and munitions ahead of the elections. The DAO said it was part of the security arrangement for the elections as per the instruction of Ministry of Home Affairs.