The Government of Nepal has sent a diplomatic note to the Indian government urging to take action against media broadcast of insensitive materials that are “fake, baseless and insensitive as well as abusive” to the country and its leadership.

The official note was sent to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) via Embassy of Nepal situated in New Delhi. There was no immediate response from the Indian side.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nepal (MoFA), a section of the Indian media airing such unethical reports have hurt the country’s national sentiment.

MoFA said in its message, “Such materials are not only misleading and misinforming but also impair the sense of minimum public decency,” adding that the smearing campaign unleashed by a section of Indian media has deeply hurt the feelings of Nepali people and reputation of Nepali leadership.

The government has requested its southern neighbor to ensure that action is taken against the broadcast of such disrespectful materials regarding Nepal.

Meanwhile, cable television operators in Nepal have lifted a ‘blanket ban’ on Indian news channels starting Sunday evening.

According to cable operators, the decision comes as subscribers objected to the decision to place a blanket ban on Indian news channels.

On June 9, cable television operators stopped airing Indian news channels as a section of Indian news channels broadcasted fabricated content about Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi.

At present, only a few selected Indian news channels are aired in Nepal.