Minister for Finance and Communication and Information Technology as well as Spokesperson for the government, Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada, said that the government would take stern measures by adopting appropriate decision depending on the risk of COVID-19 infection in specific areas.

He said that the government may take selective approach to implement prohibition or lockdown decision in specific areas or districts with over 200 active COVID-19 cases.

In a weekly press conference held on Thursday, Khatiwada informed that the government had not thought about imposing a new round of national lockdown but will call a meeting of the COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee (CCMC) within this week to take appropriate decision.

“The government would call a meeting with CCMC within three or four days to take some concrete decisions if the COVID-19 situation deteriorates further in the Kathmandu valley and other areas across the country,” Khatiwada said.

He also informed that the government had not thought about making any change in the previous decision of opening domestic, international flights, long and medium route public transportation and beginning school enrollment session from August 17.

As lockdown is not a complete solution to reduce infection, he urged that the public themselves need to become accountable and adopt appropriate health protocols.