The Ministry of Health and Population has made a decision that the heads of government hospitals will no longer be allowed to practice in private hospitals.

The Ministry has implemented this provision on the basis of ‘One Physician One Health Institution’ in the annual budget program of the Fiscal Year 2077/78.

Earlier, some of the in-charge doctors of the hospital had been practicing in a private hospital. For that, prior approval had to be obtained from the Ministry of Health. The ministry has decided to revoke the pre-approval as well.

Health Minister, Bhanubhakta Dhakal, has issued a ministerial decision on July 24 and issued a circular to all the hospitals under the federation, provincial and local level.

At present, the names of doctors practicing in many private health institutions are mentioned along with the names of government hospitals where they are working. With the recent decision of the ministry, government doctors practicing in private health institutions will not be allowed to mention the names of the government hospitals they work for.

Similarly, the meeting held on July 24 has decided that all government hospitals and other government-grant hospitals should make government programs operational. At present, some government hospitals are reluctant to implement maternal safety programs and health insurance programs.