The government is going to be strict in implementing as well as ensuring home quarantine or self-isolation. The decision was made after authorities found people defying self-isolation.

Yesterday’s meeting of the High-Level Committee to prevent coronavirus spread held serious discussions after authorities found that people were being careless regarding health check-ups and self-isolation.

The meeting also decided to keep COVID-19 sufferers in quarantine with the help of security force so as to avoid an outbreak.

Government spokesperson and Minister of Finance and Communication Dr Yuvraj Khatiwada said, “It has been decided that those infected with coronavirus will be kept in quarantine and they will also be provided with security.”

Even though the government had mandated self or home quarantine for those coming from countries hit by coronavirus outbreak from March 14, very few have followed the instruction. Meanwhile, the government does not have a record of those who arrived practiced self-isolation.

More than 11,000 people have entered Nepal from various countries between March 14 and 19.

Minister Khatiwada also informed that the government is ready to accept offer of help from the private sector. Various private stakeholders have offered to give their homes, schools and hotels for quarantine.

Now, the government will also keep an account of people kept in quarantine in all local levels.

Similarly, a committee has been formed under the coordination of the Health Minister to ensure smooth supply of medicines and other health services.

Another committee has been constituted to coordinate supply and commerce, and a committee has been constituted for the political and social coordination.

The meeting has given entrusted Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwar Pokhrel with the responsibility to monitor the implementation of the committee’s decisions.