The Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs has registered a bill in the House of Representatives (HoR) that will pardon the political perpetrators of their criminal offences.

The bill has a provision that states that cases can be withdrawn against anyone from a party, or a group, which conducted violent protests in the past but carries out its activities peacefully now.

The bill, in general terms, will basically dismiss any charge showing the damage caused during political or peaceful movements. And even if such cases are registered, the case can be withdrawn from all the courts including Supreme, High and District courts.

The experts observed that this bill will help withdraw cases against political leaders like Resham Chaudhary, the leader involved in the Tikapur incident and absconding lawmaker Lakshmi Mahato Koiri accused of murdering a police officer during the Madhesh protest.

The move from the government has faced severe criticisms, especially from the National Human Rights Commission. The commission fears that if this bill is endorsed, it will open the way for people committing crimes of political nature will get amnesty from prosecution or punishment.