Nepal government has decided to allow more than 800 flights a day from countries where regular international flights have resumed.

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Yogesh Kumar Bhattarai, informed that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Deputy Prime Minister, Ishwar Pokhrel, had agreed to grant permission to operate additional international flights.

With this, the government has removed the quota of bringing only 800 passengers each day as determined before. The government will now give permission to operate additional flights if airlines companies agree to bring passengers with negative PCR test reports.

Similarly, the government will also give permission for repatriation flights if employer companies in foreign land want to send Nepali workers home by at their own cost.

For those who need to be rescued bearing the cost from the Labour Welfare Fund, arrangements of flights for such persons would be made by the Ministry of Labour in coordination with Nepal’s diplomatic missions in the respective countries.

Likewise, the government is also set to allow flights to bring passengers with negative PCR result from countries where regular flights have not resumed.

The decision come a couple of days after hundreds of Nepali migrant workers at various camps in Saudi Arabia protested against Nepal government for failing to bring them home.

Only 8,525 Nepalis have returned home from Saudi Arabia in the first three months of the repatriation process. The Nepali Embassy in Riyadh has published a list of another 14,000 people waiting to return home.

Besides, various Saudi companies have submitted a list of 3,000 people who need to come home.

Moreover, an additional 1,000 Nepali migrant workers in Saudi Arabia have filled out forms at the embassy to return home while the government has allowed only 2,580 people to return home in September.

Rendered jobless for seven months, Nepali migrant workers in Saudi Arabaia had chanted slogans against the government demanding adequate repatriation flights.