Nepal government has amended the Transport Management Procedures Guidelines, 2003 to allow the registration of vehicles made in Nepal.

According to the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), the government revised the said guidelines by adding a new clause ‘11.1.1’ which will open ways to register vehicles manufactured and assembled in Nepal.

Since Nepal’s Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act didn’t have a provision for the registration of vehicles made in Nepal, the users of such vehicles have been facing trouble during traffic police checking.

The clause states, “Regardless of other points in the guideline, the customs declaration (Letter of Credit) will not be required for new registration, transfer registration, alteration registration, auction registration, re-registration and name transfer of vehicles assembled or manufactured in Nepal.”

The issue came into the limelight after Yatri Motorcycles, an electric vehicle company popular among Nepali youngsters, stated they approached the government’s relevant departments to register its vehicles but made no progress.