Surendra Raj Pandey, the Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, emphasized that the provincial government will refrain from investing in unproductive sectors. He made this statement during an event organized by the Gorkha Municipality Judicial Committee in the district headquarters of Gorkha.

Chief Minister Pandey reiterated that the provincial government will focus its investments on development and construction projects based on their priority and potential for yielding positive results. He expressed concern over excessive investment in unproductive sectors and emphasized that wanton spending does not yield desired outcomes.

He called upon the local-level representatives to select, propose, and formulate plans prioritizing sectors capable of generating maximum benefits for the people. Pandey asserted that Gandaki Province had ended the tradition of allocating budgets based on personal interests or securing one’s vote bank.

He cited examples of inefficient budget allocation, such as constructing multiple bridges in close proximity along the same river, driven by political pressures and personal interests. Instead, he urged local representatives to identify genuine needs and develop plans accordingly.

During the event, Chief Minister Pandey revealed that around 2 billion has been allocated for development projects in Gorkha district alone for the current fiscal year 2023-24. More than 1,000 projects have been selected to be carried out under this budget.


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