Nepal Law Campus and the Insolvency Law Academy (ILA) of India have entered into a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of insolvency and
bankruptcy law. The signing of the MoU took place today, marking a significant beginning in the
partnership between the two esteemed institutions.

The signing ceremony, held at Nepal Law Campus, was attended by distinguished personalities, including
Dr. Krishna Prasad Bashyal, the Dean of the Faculty of Law. Mr. Sumant Batra, Head of ILA, and Dr. D.N
Parajuli, Campus Chief of Nepal Law Campus, inked the agreement, solidifying their commitment to
cooperation and development.

Under the MoU, Nepal Law Campus and ILA have pledged to explore various avenues of collaboration to
enhance knowledge development and capacity building in the field of insolvency and related areas. This
strategic partnership aims to facilitate a robust exchange of ideas, research, and best practices, with the
ultimate goal of contributing to the advancement of insolvency and bankruptcy law.

Expressing his satisfaction with the collaboration, Mr. Sumant Batra commented, “I am pleased with this
association. ILA will be able to share the learning for the implementation of insolvency law in India and
how it has captured the imagination of the market. This is a great opportunity to share knowledge and
help enhance the capacity of practitioners, academics and others in Nepal.”

Dr. D.N. Parajuli, the Campus Chief of Nepal Law Campus, also expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am
delighted to have the opportunity to work with such an esteemed academy. This collaboration will open
up a range of opportunities for students, including seminars, fellowships, and access to expertise in the
field of insolvency and bankruptcy law. It is a momentous occasion for both institutions.”

The partnership between Nepal Law Campus and ILA is expected to yield numerous benefits, such as the
development of specialized training programs, joint research initiatives, and academic exchanges. By
pooling their expertise and resources, both institutions aim to cultivate a comprehensive understanding
of insolvency law, equipping legal professionals, students, and practitioners with the necessary skills to
navigate the intricacies of the field.

This MoU signifies the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between Nepal Law Campus and ILA, where
the focus will be on continuous learning, research, and collaboration. Through this partnership, both
institutions are committed to contributing to the growth of insolvency and bankruptcy law in Nepal,
thereby benefiting the legal community and the nation as a whole.

Mr. Sumant Batra was on an official three-day visit to Nepal and during this visit, he paid a courtesy call
to the Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Mr. Dhanaraj Guring and apprised him of the