The fifth phase of repatriation flights aimed at bringing home Nepali workers stranded in Gulf countries has been cancelled until further notice.

The fifth phase of repatriation had begun from Monday.

Issuing a notice on Monday, the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre (CCMC) directed the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to halt all previously scheduled flights and not to issue any permission for further flights until proper quarantine facilities are managed in the country.

The notice reads, “Local governments have been sealing highly risky areas across the country and CCMC has not received any guarantee of quarantine arrangements till date. Hence, operation of repatriation flight will not be permitted in such a scenario.”

The notice further states that repatriation flights will be resumed once stakeholders concerned arrange hotel quarantine facilities and submit proper details of the adopted quarantine protocols.

Meanwhile, airline companies and travel agents also issued notices informing about the flight cancellations.

With the surge in COVID-19 cases in the country, the date for resumption of regular flights (domestic as well as international) has also been postponed.

A total of 43 repatriation flights were scheduled starting from Monday till August 31 and bring around 7,000 Nepalis home.