Protesters of the ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign have ended their fast-unto-death strike, concluding that the government had increased the scope of coronavirus testing and the Ministry of Health and Population had taken positive steps towards controlling the spread of coronavirus.

On Sunday, activist Iih broke his fast-unto-death on the 23rd. Earlier Iih and Pukar Bam had signed a 12-point agreement with the Ministry of Health that included immediate provision of PPE to health workers and disclosure of coronavirus control expenditure as soon as possible.

A press release issued by ‘Enough is Enough’, after the end of the fast-unto-death strike, states that the number and scope of PCR tests had been increased as a result of the youths’ spontaneous campaign.

‘Enough is Enough’ activists were protesting against the government’s “incompetent” and “ineffective” handling of the pandemic.