The District Administration Office, Dhading has made a decision that allows traffic police to detain and file a case against drunk drivers. The move is aimed at minimizing vehicular accidents in Dhading.

Seven people had died and over 32 were injured when a truck overturned on its way to Dhading from Dholamandali on Tuesday.

An all party meeting held yesterday with the coordination of Dhading CDO made the decision. Traffic police, transport entrepreneurs, and civil society members had also participated in the meeting.

The meeting also decided to conduct regular monitoring to ensure effective implementation of the decision.

Dhading CDO Asman Tamang said, “If a driver is found to have consumed alcohol, they will no longer be fined, but will be taken under custody.”

The meeting also decided that the District Police Office would file a case and initiate legal action against public vehicles that carry passengers exceeding the seat capacity as well as against cargo vehicles that carry passengers.

The meeting also decided to completely restrict the operation of vehicles without insurance, to restrict the operation of vehicles that don’t pass pollution test, and bar cargo trucks from carrying goods that prod out of the vehicles.

Traffic police in the district have decided to conduct awareness programs for drivers as well as passengers, arrange timecards, test drunk driving, arrange special sign boards for night time, and take action against vehicles that ferry passengers exceeding the seat capacity.