The National Child Rights Council has unveiled the draft of Child Protection Standards-2080 BS for public review. Emphasizing the prevention of violence against children, the standards align with the Children Act of 2075 BS (2018), marking a stride towards enhanced child welfare.

Bam Bahadur Baniya, the Council’s Member Secretary, stated that this approach aims to create a comprehensive framework for safeguarding children across various domains.

The regulations are designed to cover service providers, the private sector, factories, industries, and schools, as outlined by Children as Zone Of Peace (CZOP) General Secretary Tilottam Poudel.

Former CZOP Chair Rajesh Sharma emphasized that the proposed Standards aim to deter potential cases of violence, sexual harassment, torture, and inhumane activities targeting children. He called for the approval and enactment of the draft, advocating for its implementation.

As the draft enters the public discourse, stakeholders anticipate a collective effort to fine-tune and implement these standards to foster an environment where the rights and well-being of children are prioritized.