After the conclusion of the 1951 Revolution (Saat Saal Ko Kranti), I had imagined the possibility of going to jail because certain political beliefs would become extinct. However, I was proven wrong. I had imagined the days of spying on one’s own citizens were over. All the political freedoms we were granted felt like a dream, that I was abruptly awakened from.

After the leaders were arrested, followed by King Mahendra’s speech about the imposition of a partyless Panchayat System, all the progress that we were able to make over the past 10 years was snatched right out of our faces.

Widespread arrests

After the Royal announcement by King Mahendra, widespread arrests began across the country. Ganesh Man Singh and B P Koirala who were arrested from Thapathali, who were taken away upon the excuse that King Mahendra had summoned them, never returned. They were sent to Singha Durbar, and would soon be transferred to Sundarijal Jail.

I myself narrowly escaped from Thapathali and went to Khicha Pokhari to inform my friends about the political developments. There I saw Girija Prasad Koirala roaming carelessly.

“Girija Babu, don’t walk around so callously, they could be coming for you too”, I warned him. The next day, he was arrested as well.

Next I went to Sarojini Manandhar’s house in Ason. There, raids had already begun. I hid for a while, before finally heading home. I went to both, my parent’s home and Ganesh Man’s home, both places had been ransacked. King Tribhuvan had gifted Ganesh Man a revolver, they took that as well. Till date, the gun hasn’t been returned to us.


Fleeing Kathmandu:

Those who had managed to escape were planning a meeting in Patna, India. I too decided to head there. Leaving via a vehicle would mean inviting a lot of risks; hence I decided to leave via foot. I, along with Gopal Das Shrestha of Banepa, left Kathmandu.

Patna’s meeting decided to protest against King Mahendra’s decision. I too made a decision to be a part of the revolution.
From Patna, I headed to Kolkata (then Calcutta) to meet with Subarna Shumsher. There, I took shelter in my extended relative’s home. In Kolkata, the party decided to make me in-charge of Kathmandu, and my base would be Raxaul.