Sharmila Pandey works as a domestic help, cleaning three homes in the Baneshwor area of Kathmandu. She has to use public toilets frequently while moving from one house to the other.

It has been a big struggle for her, firstly because she is not aware of where they are located and secondly because when she does find one, they are in a pathetic state.

“I cannot help but use it in emergencies. But most lack water,” she says. She suggests the government should hire additional sanitation workers to ensure the cleanliness of the facilities.

She also speaks on behalf of her friends who sell vegetables in the market. “Many times my friends have to go to Bhaktapur to source vegetables. They have to bring it all the way to Baneshwor. There isn’t a single toilet in that route. They suffer due to this almost every day,” she shares.

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